Mothers Day (Umi Love)

Dear Umi you ‘ve love me since before and I know it will be evermore, even many of us has made your truly and pure compassion be tested.

You have put me more my world, I had struggled in many wrong despite you always keep telling and guide to the best. ‘Sorry umi’ which I’ve found very hardly ever to speak out.

Every moment I saw your eye, you lit the light of me to shinning bright as I was 10years old.

I should keep you save and brings you to rest in a cradle of mine, but your love seems doesn’t truth as I stay myself busy everyday, please forgive me umi..

I pray you would be satisfied in absolute, here and hereafter, because I wish to see you at the age of mine and believe me we will be friend forever.

Your love,


15/5/2012 Tuesday