Legendary of “Keropok Lekor”

lekorOnce upon a time in Kuala Terengganu, there are many people talking about the best food to be served to Sultan’s family. So, everyone start turn their recipes book that contains many kind of their heritage formula, and wondering whether it could be put down in king’s menu that would promising them definite return.

When the time has come, participants start preparing and waiting with full of dubious expression. Unfortunately, Sultan has no best choice even a plate. Therefore he commands to calling more people to participate, including all district boundaries of Terengganu.

But many competitors were disappointed because of the complexity king’s appetite and some of them practice illegally by creep through back gate kitchen palace for the sake of secret menu. Unluckily one of them was get caught by castellan and being sentenced without compromise, this undesirable wrongdoing resulted to frustrating environment for others and indirectly demoralized them.

It could not be denying, only well-prepared participant appear at the castle. Many dishes were highly luxurious looks and various kind of color. Among this exclusive impression, there is an Old fisherman wearing Sarong, singlet, batik turban and emerge with his new-found recipe namely ‘Keropok Lekor’ (as photo illustration).

At the end, from the wisdom of the king, he declared this recipe as a winner since it met three important criteria simplicity, modesty and healthy that mainly describes the state’s standard of living. This make others surprise and agreed with King’s judgment.

As time goes on, people try to preserve the taste and original recipe of ‘Keropok Lekor’ where it could be found at Seberang Takir, Losong, Kuala Ibai and Kedai Buluh. Nowadays, ‘Keropok Lekor’ became one of popular food spreading all over the Asia.